Happy Tuesday friends! It is another yucky day here in SC, which is so bad for my hair, it looks a wreck but what can ya do? I am actually a little glad that classes have started back so that I can get back in a routine. Today my gyming routine starts back up and I.am.pumped. I got new tennis shoes and new athletic clothes for Christmas and it has given me all kinds of motivation to book it to the gym. I am an avid gym-er and I really love to exercise. I know that a lot of people like to have exercising on their New Years Resolutions list so I encourage you to buy a cute pair of tennis shoes and/or cute gym clothes to give you confidence and motivation to uphold your resolution.
Another good tip is to load your iPod with tons of music that pumps you up and keeps you moving, I can't workout without my iPod, it's literally impossible so having an awesome playlist is a must for me.
Good luck in the gym this year!
 My braid looks a HOT MESS in this photo, please disregard it but I just had to show you my purple pull over (that Josh got me for Christmas, kudos to him!) that matches my shoes!

Find things that encourage you to go to the gym, whether it be a partner to go with, new shoes or new clothes or a great playlist to list to. Exercising is SO important and makes you feel so good and energized. Keep being healthy dear bloggers :)


  1. CUTE!
    Totally on board with cute work out clothes = motivation to work out :)

    I got some black&coral Nikes and I love wearing them!


  2. I love!! The pull over is so cute & I am a tennis shoe addict! Very cute- work it girl!


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