Brita Pitcher

Happy Tuesday friends! If anyone saw my post from yesterday, it was not a good Monday. Before I go into today's post I want to take a quick second to tell you about the second half of my day yesterday. My afternoon went pretty well and after my evening class I got back to my room in time to put on sweats, grab something to eat and rest on the couch and watch the Bachelor before I had to be at my sorority meeting at 9. Well, I'm a Resident Assistant here on campus and in my dorm building I am over 40 girls. This job is stressful but definitely rewarding. So it's about 8:45 and I'm watching the Bachelor and getting ready to go to my meeting and I get a panicked knok on my door. By this sound of this knock I knew something was wrong. I opened my door and one of my residents was standing there with this horrible look on her face and said that another one of my residents had passed out cold on the floor. I swear to you, this job almost sends me into cardiac arrest, weekly. I put on shoes, grabbed my notebook and keys and went flying down the hall. These issues always scare me because I hate for something to be happening to someone and me not knowing how to help them. When I got to my resident she was face down in the floor barely breathing, and at this point I think I was barely breathing. I immediately called campus police and the dispatcher was telling me all these things to do and asking me all this questions about my residents condition. I was writing things down like a madwoman. Normally it feels like a lifetime before campus police arrives but tonight they got there quickly and I was so thankful. I rummaged through my residents room looking for her I.D., any medication she may take, her parents contact information and I was scribbing away on my notepad so I could give all this information to EMS. Thankfully, she finally came to and the paramedics arrived shortly after the police did and took her to the hospital, I havent seen her yet today but I'm going to go check on her after classes. So I make it to the last half of my sorority meeting, that ends, I get back to my room and all I want to do is sleep. I get ready for bed and I've probably been snuggled in for about 30 mintues and I was having trouble falling asleep again and I get ANOTHER knock on my door. I open the door, in my PJs, hair a mess, glasses on, retainer in and my resident tells me that her suitemates locked her out of the bathroom...REALLY?! It's 11:45 at night. So I go to her room and jar open the door with a random key (which, had this girl listened to me at our very first meeting, she would have heard me say, if you get locked out of the bathroom, stick a random key in the key hole, jiggle it and you will almost always get in). And I barely get a thank you from her on my way back to my room...Apparently yesterday wanted to test and try me, literally all day long. But today is a new day and THAT I am happy about :)

Now onto today's post (p.s. thank you SO much for listening to my stories)
I used to waste a lot of plastic, I mean a ton. I bought big packs of bottled water everytime I'd go to the grocery store and drink a few bottles a day. Now granted I recycled all my bottles, it just seemed to get a little crazy after awhile. Josh had bought a Brita pitcher a while back and told me how much he liked his. I decided when I started school last semester that I was done spending lots of money on bottled water and doing serioues damage to the environment. So I went and bought a Brita Pitcher and I love it! They come in so many awesome colors and I fill it up everyday, pop it in the fridge and have water that lasts me all day and it's filtered and very clean which I really like. I encourage you, if you're still in the age of buying lots of bottled water, stop it! Go buy a Brita Pitcher, or any kind of filtering pitcher for that matter. I would venture to say that filter last about four months, which is really fantastic and you can buy a refills 4 for $20 at Wal- Mart. The filters are super easy to change and this pitcher is definitely worth the money. I believe I got mine for $26 at Wal-Mart and it's one of the biggest pitchers you can buy. Although it seems like a big purchase at first, you're definitely saving money if you drink a lot of water like I do. They have many different sizes of pitchers so you can choose which one fits your lifestyle best. Also, go green! Anything that is good for the environment, I'm definitely down for.


  1. Girl. My goodness your Monday was RIDICULOS!! I used to work for my campus housing department and the stories I head WHEW! I have so much respect for what you deal with on a daily basis. It only got to me when it got REAL bad.

    I hope your Tuesday is significantly less exciting!!

  2. I have the one you have pictured and I LOVE that thing!
    It saves me so much money! I was skeptical at first, but the water tastes really good :)


  3. Goodness Lindsay! That is insane!! Hope today has been better! Love the Britta Pitcher. I use the filtering water bottle and it's awesome!


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