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I've realized over the last few days that I have posted a lot about fashion and crafts and makeup and all sorts of random stuff, but I haven't done any posts that are directly about me and my life, so bare with me today, this could be a bit of writing but hopefully something you'll enjoy reading and let you get to know me a little better. Today I want to write a little about my life. Over the past week I have done a lot of blog searching and following new blogs and reading about others experiences with life and school and love and family. Right now I'm a sophomore/junior here at Lander University. I'm graduating a year early (May 2013). I enjoy school and learning but I'm kind of over it and school isn't really my thing. I'm studying Mass Communications and I really want to get into the field of Public Relations when I graduate. When I started school this year I began to hunt for every internship in town and anything and everything I could do to make my resume look better and to be a competitive candiate for the job market when I graduate. I am often paranoid about not finding a job when I get out of school or no one wanting me...although I know in my heart and head I am an extremely hard worker and capable of scoring a great job, I still get nervous all the time. But I'm padding my resume constantly and hopefully I'll land a great internship this summer. I hope that I am able to find a job that fits me perfectly, that I enjoy going to everyday and that supplies me with the sufficient funds to live comfortably. Where I'm at college at I'm about an hour and a half from home. My family and boyfriend all live in Columbia. Josh and I have been together close to 2 years now and he has truly been a blessing in my life. All of our relationship has consisted of being long distant relationship (until summer that is, and then I'm back in town). It is hard and it is tiring but it is also so wonderful and so worth it, I would not trade our relationship for anything in the world. I tell people all the time that are currently single that I wish I could duplicate Josh and give him to everyone in need of a better half! He is so caring, loving, patient, kind, and everything that I could ever hope for in another person. I hope that every single person in the world finds the kind of love that I have found with him, I never knew I could love someone so much or that love could be so magical, but I suppose when you find the right person, that's what happens :) I am an odd bird sometimes and he totally gets it and that kind of blows me away. My advice to anyone in a long distance relationship is to say I Love You all the time, don't hold on to pety things, enjoy every moment you get to spend with the one you love, and to treasure each other and never ever ever take each other for granted. I have found that when you concentrate on finding the good and happiness in a relationship, you will many times avoid the bad. Since I am a good ways away from my family during the school year and so involved on campus I often times go a while before I get to see them. I really treasure my time at home now. Freshman year I took my time at home for granted but after my parents and I both adjusted to me being away from home and off on my own we all started to enjoy our time together more. I love going home and seeing my family and getting to catch up and just sit around a dinner table together. It's nice to go back home and everything still be the same for the most part and for everything to pick back up where I had left it the last time that I was home. My mom and I are besties, legit, she's incredible. My dad is a trip...and he wouldn't ever admit it but he is such a softy! It is the most precious thing to watch him and mom stand in the driveway waving like crazy while I drive away to come back to school. And last but not least are my friends, Rebecca, Griffyn, Kellie and Kayla. Griffyn and I actually came together to Lander and she moved back home and is now attending the University of South Carolina and is stuyding to be a nurse, she is going to be the best nurse you have ever seen, seriously, she is. She is so smart and so driven! Rebecca is at Applachian State and during the school year I don't get to see her much, except on breaks. Rebecca and I are POLAR opposites but the best of friends, it's the oddest thing you've ever seen, HA! She knows me so well and vice versa and every moment we spend together is a memory in the making. I think what amazes me most about my relationship with Rebecca is that we are so different but so connected at heart, like we were always meant to be friends and by fate, found each other one day. Kayla and Kellie are twins and complete the quartet of Rebecca and I. We all know each other like the back of our hands and don't do anything but laugh and act like crazy people when we are together and my description of our friendship would NOT be complete if I didn't include that EVERY, yes every, time we are together we end up talking about and planning our weddings, it's the craziest thing you've ever seen.

So, this is a little glimpse into my life. I'm in to everything I can possibly get into and I stretch myself too thin the majority of the time. I don't mind be alone and I am in bed on a school night at least by 11:30. I can manage my time like nobodys business and I always get what I have to do done. I am so driven and want to do great things in life. I can't wait to accomplish the goals I have for myself and the dreams that I envision of my life everyday. I love animals. My obsession with elephants is ca-razy! I wear my heart on my sleeve. I want to make friends with everyone and try to make my friends with everyone. I like to be genuine with others and to meet genuine people. I sing a lot...but Im horrible. I dance a lot...but I'm horrible at that too. I dress up every single day, yes, every.single.day. But I always take off all my clothes and put on my PJ's in between classes, it's weird, I know, because I have to put all my clothes back on to go back to class. I try not to let people rock my nerves too often...but sometimes it happens. I'm talkative...sooooooo talkative. I love pickles and I love chocolate. I hate cheese. I love my dog, you have no idea. She is a big back lab and I literally pick her up and tote her around the house like she is my child. And she has like 50 billion names, I dont call her by her real name, I call her by the ther million I have made up for her, and they are strange names. I name everything, literally EVERYTHING. And if it already has a name, I nick-name it (ex. Tiger Woods- Tigey, Tim Tebow- Teby the Tebster). I hate math, I'm so bad at it and I'm so bad at science. I holler and scream at the TV when I'm watching sports like I know what's going on. I don't pay full price for anything...absolutely nothing. I love God and I strive to build my relationship with Him stronger and stronger everyday. I enjoy the small things about life and although I love big and fancy, I don't need a lot to make my happy. And of course, I'm just living my Every Day Life.

This is me on a daily basis.
 If there is any question that you have for me, pleeeease let me know and I shall give you an answer!

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  1. Aw I just found your blog and you definitely put a smile on my face!! Love that pose. :) Have a great weekend!!


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