Spoon and String Game

We had our Sunday School party last Sunday and we played this game called the Spoon and String Game, hi-lar-ious. Oh my word, it was too funny and such a great game to play at any party.

All you need is a big cooking spoon attached to a roll of heavy duty string. You have 2 teams, of however many people you want, line them up male female male female. The woman have to put the spoon up their shirt then pass it off to the man who then has to put the spoon down his pants and it keeps going until it makes it to the last person. You have someone standing at the beginning of the line holding the string and rolling it out.
This game is a hoot, I am telling you. I laughed so hard, and I'm in the Sunday School class with the 'wiser folks' if you catch my drift...so seeing them putting this spoon up their shirts and down their pants was absolutely histerical. I had never played this game before but I am definitely storing it away in my mind to play agains sometime soon.

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