Cute Outfit

So I was plundering on Pintrest the other day (my normal pastime) and I saw a picture of a girl in a caridgan, button up, skinny belt and jeans and thought it was super cute. So I set out the next day to re-make that outfit with my clothes. I wore a fuschia caridgan, white button up with ruffles on the front, skinny gold/silver sparkly belt, navy blue pants and gold flats. I HATE wearing jeans every day in the winter, I kind of refuse to do it so I have a collect of pants that are all kinds of colors like navy, green, winter white, yellow, etc.
I think this outfit is cute and modern but still dressy and can be pulled off for work or class.
I got my shoes, belt and pants from Old Navy. My button up is from Target (like 4 years ago) and my cardigan is from this place called Conway.
(I was on the phone in this shot, I do apologize. It's a must for me to multi-task all day, every day to get everything I have to do done)

Hope this inspires you to try this outfit!

P.S. I promise you that I will post soon about hair or makeup. I do my hair different ways almost every day but in the rush of getting to class in the mornings I hardly ever have time to take pictures of my hair while I'm doing it and pictures of the finished product, but I promise to post on hair soon and I also try different things with my makeup almost every day, but again, I am non-stop in the mornings trying to get to class but I promise a post will be coming soon involving one of the two :)


  1. Lindsay! I love your blog... and I'm definitely going to be trying this outfit asap... it's really adorable... Thank you for such wonderful blog posts!

  2. Oh thank you Tesla! You would be SO cute in this outfit, you definitely should give it a go! :)


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