Happy Saturday

Finally the weekend! I was probably a little too excited to see the weekend roll around after this past week of classes, good news: classes for the semester are OVER! Only exams left to conquer.

Today I wanted to share a post with y'all about another outfit that I like to sport during the Winter. I've already discussed my semi-hate for feeling like jeans are the only thing to wear during the Winter so I'm going to post an outfit that I wore this past week that is a long-sleeved dress. I adore long-sleeved dresses, I mean really adore them. But funny enough I have the hardest time finding them with actual long sleeves and not 3/4 length. My mom actually found this dress for me and I love it. The sleeves are long and kind of big and flowy, wonderful!

Since it is Saturday that only means one thing: go shopping! I'm slightly a religous shopper on Saturday's, probably too much of an addiction but that is quite all right. Now, go find a long-sleeved dress to put in your closet and if you already have one, wear it!


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