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It's exam week and I am bursting to get back home, you just have no idea. I'm so excited to be with family and friends and celebrating Christmas and New Years and I can't wait to give my presents that I've bought, oh so excited!

Well today I'm going to share with you some a lot of the products that I use on a daily basis. It may seem overwhelming at first because of how many products are in the picture, but no worries, I'm taking it step-by-step. 

Let's begin:
First we're going to start off with just a few things out of my makeup regime. (One of these days I'll have a post on exactly what I do/what I use for my makeup everyday)
I must admit: I am completely obssessed with Benefit makeup, I really just can't help it, they are AWESOME. So, for my foundation I use Benefits Playstick. It's the most wonderful foundation on the face of the earth. If you're looking for a foundation, go get this one, I'm serious. The downside: it is $34 and that really hurts me, but once you see how great this stuff is, you'll only cringe slightly at the check-out counter. Playsticks can be used alone as concealor or all over for foundation, and it gives you a flawless finish. Next up are the two blush in a box by Benefit. I have wanted these products for so long but just hadn't broken down to get them yet. Well lucky for me, Ulta had them packaged together for only $20 for the BOTH of them on Black Friday, I really lucked up on that one. I got Georgia and Thrrob. Georgia is a all over face powder that gives you a peachy look and it smells awesome and Thrrob is a beautiful blush. I adore both of these products. Now let's talk about my Mary Kay mineral highlighter. I use this as the last step of my makeup and it really highlights my face and gives it a pretty glow.

Next up:
(This is a random assortment but just go with it) A face mask, moisturizer and acne medicine.
First I'll talk about the Mark Calm Yourself hydrating face mask. Mark is a brand that is connected with Avon and it is great makeup at  a great price, I definitely suggest checking out their website if you love makeup and are on a tight budget. Anyway, this face mask is a cool gel that feels great on your face and keeps it hydrated and clean. You leave it on for just 5 minutes and use it 2-3 times a week or whenever you want. I really like the way it feels on my face. Then for my moisturizer I go back to Benefit, Dear John (they have the coolest name for their products). If your skin is dry, this moisturizer really does its job. I will say, it is a little heavy and thick but what I do, is use it at night before I go to bed and in the morning my skin is hydrated and ready to go. And lastly is Epiduo. This is a prescription acne medication that you have to get from your dermatologist. My skin over the last year or so has really cleared up and I hardly ever get bumps now, but when I do, this stuff is THE BOMB, I kid you not. Put it on there overnight and the next morning, voila, the bump has vanished and with this big a tube it'll last forever.

Next on this list is yet again another random assortment of products
I love the Aloe Cool & Fresh Equate lotion. You can get it cheap at any Wal-Mart, it smells great and feels so good on your skin. It isnt sticky or gooey and soaks right into your skin when you put it on, I definitely recommend this. Degree deodorant solid is fantastic. I am queen of having deodorant all over my shirt, how? I do not know but this deodorant solid NEVER gets on my clothes and smells so wonderful. It really protects all day and the stick lasts a long time, if you're looking for a new deodorant, definitely give this one a try. A very important product is a daily multi-vitamin. I take One A Day Women's. If you aren't currently taking a vitamin go find one! This one is great and covers all the normal vitamins that your body needs each day. The pills aren't incredibly big and I find them easy to swallow.

How shaving cream and nail polish goes together, I'm not real sure but today they do :)
I love Skintimate shaving cream. I am weird about my shaving cream, it's odd, I know. But I don't like it if its too runny or if it doesn't lather enough or if it lathers too much but Skintimate is the perfect amount of everything that I look for in shaving cream. They also come in different scents and for different skin types which is helpful. I LOVE NYC nail polish. You can get it at Target for cheap and they have fantastic colors. It also lasts a long time and it a good quality nail polish at a good price.

And lastly, hair products.
These are just a few of the many hair products I use every day. The Suave touchable finish spray is incredible. Before this I had a VERY sticky and heavy hairspray and it was drving my crazy so I decided to try this and it's wonderful. It is a not a hairspray that is going to hold a fancy 'do but it is perfect for a regular hair day and you just need a spray to keep the frizies down and keep your hair somewhat in place. This product is cheap and smells awesome, the way it smells may be what sold me, HA! Next is the Aussie 3 mintue miracle conditioner. I really like this stuff and it does wonders for my hair. I use it once or twice a week and can really tell the difference after I use it. It makes my hair feel and look less damaged and keeps its looking great. After Aussie is Suave again (I'm really getting into their hair products). This is a volumizing mousse. I just recently bought this because I thought for the longest time I just didn't know how to use mousse. I really like this product by Suave and it really does give great volume without making your hair greasy or heavy. Last product we have here is Keratin Plus hair cream. This goes on your hair while it's damp before you style it. This product is meant to repair dead ends, damaged hair and make your hair grow. Your hair is naturally made of keratin and using a product with keratin in it is GREAT for your hair, I got this at TJ Maxx.

I know I did a lot of writing in this post but hopefully I gave you new insight on some great products. If you're looking for some new things to use, try out one of the products listed above!

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