DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Happy December everyone!
If you do not have your Christmas tree/decorations up, DO.IT.TODAY! The month of December is going to fly by, so put your decorations up pronto to get into the holiday spirit and so you can enjoy all the beauty of Christmas.
While I was home for Thanksgiving I put up a total of 4 trees...yes, 4! I put up 2 at home: one in the living room and one in the back den. We put up a tree at Josh's apartment and when I got back to school I put up my pink tree in my dorm room. I am in the spirit, if you couldn't tell. 

I really wanted Josh and I to make some ornaments for the tree this year and we had a blast making them, I must say it is much more fun doing crafts with a partner than it is by yourself :) We made glitter ornaments (which I LOVE) and then just had some fun with a few others ones.
Today I'm going to show you how to make the glitter ornaments and a few others!

What do I need?:
Ornaments- Michaels (can buy in a box or separate)
Glitter (I got mine at the Dollar Tree, 3 to a pack)
Hairspray- the PUMP kind, not the aerosol (I also got this at Dollar Tree and bought the maximum hold kind)
An envelope
Plates and napkins- to keep from getting glitter everywhere
Sprinkles (I got mine at Target in the $1 bins at the front)
Paint brushes  
First you are going to cut a small hold in one end of your envelope 
Open up all your materials and get your station ready
Take your ornament and spray a large amount of hairspray into the ornament
Twist the ornament all around so that all sides of the ornament are covered with hairspray
Pour the excess hairspray out
Then take the side of the envelope that you cut and put it in the top of the ornament, then pour your glitter into the envelope and it will act as a funnel. 
After you have poured in a good amount of glitter, swirl it all around the bulb to make sure it is covering. 
You will then add more hairspray and more glitter and keep working the glitter all around the bulb until it is covered, after the inital pumps of hairspray into the bulb it doesn't matter if you add more glitter then hairspray ontop or vice versa. To get a good coverage after it's almost done, put the top back on the bulb and cover the holes in the top with your fingers and shake the bulb really well. 
And Ta-Da!
They turn out really beautiful and very shiny! I love them so much!
We used some of the larger ornaments to make these and loved the outcome!

Next we put sprinkles inside of bulbs, sounds crazy I know. But I saw these packs of sprinkles at Target for $1 and they had shapes like candy canes and snowflakes inside and I thought they were so cute and would look good in an ornament, so that's exactly what I did with them! I added in some glitter too and put bows on top.
Then Josh and I got to painting!
(This is me putting paint inside the ornament, if you want your clear bulb to be colored but don't wait to paint the outside, squirt paint on the inside and work it around until it's fully covered up the clear part.)
Josh was proud of his candy cane, such a cutie!

Get up those decorations dear friends and Happy Holidays!

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  1. I love how you dragged Josh into this Lindsay! This is priceless :)


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