I hope EVERYONE had a great Christmas and ate lots of yummy food, opened some gifts, spent time with friends and family and most importantly celebrated the birth of Christ!
Our tree is already down and my mom already had to go back to work :( So it's just me and dad spending some quality time together, the holidays go by so.quick.
I had a great Christmas, my parents (particularly my mom) knows me SO well and bought me things I wanted SO bad but had never voiced, the woman is good and I believe my parents both loved the things I got them, it was overrall a great Christmas.
Our Christmas Eve service at church was beautiful with a great crowd, gorgeous cande light and our Christmas Day service was just a wonderful, we had fantastic music and a great messge. Christmas is such a lovely time a year...now time to look forward to New Years!

So on Christmas Eve I wore a red blazer, which I just saw on E! a few weeks ago is the.in.thing. I love the red, it is such a pop a color and such a diffrent color for a blazer, I love it so much. I paird it with black jeans, black boots and a black and white striped shirt.
This red blazer came from TJMaxx, but I'm sure you can find them every where. They are super in this season so go get you one girlfriend, after Christmas sales are out and about!

Now I want to share some pic's with you guys that I took during my Christmas celebrations:

What did YOU get for Christmas? What was your favorite gift or moment from this Christmas?

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