'Tis the Season

I'm home from school for Thanksgiving break and I couldn't be happier! Just the atmosphere of being home, surrounded by my family, and the holidays being here warms my soul so much. As soon as I got into town yesterday I drove straight to the Dollar Tree, picked up my supplies, came home and made my first Christmas wreath. I am ecstatic about how it turned out! I am IN LOVE! It's so simple to do and it legitmately looks like something bought at a craft fair. Try one out for yourself to decorate your home with this holiday season! I hope you like this craft as much as I do!

What do I need?:
9-10 tubes of ornaments (Dollar Tree has a great selection this year)
A wire hanger (I got mine from my granny but I'm sure you can buy them anywhere)
Hot Glue Gun
Some kind of decoration to go in the middle of your bow
Ribbon (Dollar Tree)

Alright, let's begin! This is super easy so there aren't many steps.

1. Take your wire hanger, undo the hanger part and scuplt it into it's in a circle

2. This step is optional, I did not do this BUT it would not hurt to do this. Before putting your ornaments on your wire hanger you can take the tops off of the ornaments and hot glue the ornament and top together to ensure they don't come apart. Like I said, I didn't do this, but this still will only help you.

3. Now you are going to start adding your ornaments, in whatever pattern you'd like. I bought different sized ornaments so I alternated color and size.
After I had added a good amount of ornaments on, I picked up my hanger and jiggled it ever so slightly, this makes the ornaments fall into place and look fuller.
Now, as you can see I didn't go all the way to the top of each side of my hanger. I left a little room so that I could attach my ribbon.
5. Almost done! Just time to add the bow. Here's how I did my bow, I took all of the ribbon off the spool. I then took one end and wrapped it around the hanger (horizontally, I just held it on one side of the hanger and wrapped it around the other) then I stapled it. After that I took the ribbon and made 4 one sided bows on the top, I gathered them in the middle and stapled them. Then I did the same thing on the bottom and finished! Then I took a snowflake ornament and stapled it in the middle of my bow.
Warning: you may become frustrated with the bow, I surely did. I undid it and re-did it about 5 times until I got it just how I liked it, just take your time and stay calm!

I made this one for my Granny, as you can see I stuck with the white/gold/silver color theme.
You can hang these anywhere! On the front door, over your mantel...anywhere you want! They turn out beautifully!

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving, tomorrow.
Enjoy time with family and count your blessings!

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