Sunday School or Bible Study

Happy Tuesday everyone!
In my Christian sorority here on campus, Chi Sigma, I am the chaplain and prepare devotions for each week. This particular week we took a week off from our devotion book and I did a devotion on trust. I wanted something hands-on and tangible for the girls to see so I bought a piece of poster board and drew a huge cross on it (actually Josh drew it for me, me and straight lines don't get along too well) and I wrote: I will trust in the Lord, across the top. I then had the girls write down on sticky notes what they need to trust God with more. I thought this was a good way to get them to thinking what they really needed to lay in God's hands and by putting them on the cross it symbolized that we were going to trust God in every aspect of our life and let Him handle it all. I told the girls as they were leaving, that they had laid their burdens and worries on the cross and it was now in God's hands.

This is a great idea for a Sunday school lesson or weekly Bible Study. I like visuals and hands-on type activities. Hope you find this useful.
Also, 2 Bible verses I used for the devotion were:
Proverbs 3:5 and Psalm 62:8.

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