Again yesterday it was so yucky out, lots of rain and then it got incredibly cold yesterday afternoon. This weather is nuts!

Today I wanted to give you a new piece to add to your wardrobe, a fun skirt! Yesterday I wore a checked skirt with brown, black, tan, and a mustard yellow. I love this skirt so much, I just think it's so fun! Along with my skirt I wore a tan/cream cami that matched the tan in the skirt, a black cardigan and a long, clustered pearl necklace. To finish off my outfit I put on textured black tights and mustard yellow flats that matched the yellow in the skirt, I LOVE pops of colors with shoes!

This winter I challenge you to add a new skirt to your wardrobe. I encourage you to buy a fun pattern and step out of the box a little. As well as fun patterns in skirts it is a neccesity for all fashionistas to have the standard black, brown, gray, and whatever other color you deem necessary. I really like courdouroy for the winter too, gives it a warm feel!

So, time to go shopping! Who doesn't love the sound of that?! Find a skirt that you will love to wear! I also went out to do a little shopping today and at the check out, along with my recepit, they gave me a paper with a survey to take so that I could get 10% off my next purchase (this was at Old Navy). SO many stores do this and I'll bet many of us just throw them right in the trash. Well STOP! Take the very small amount of time to do the survey and get a discount next time you get in the store, it is definitely worth it! Save a few bucks chick :)
Sometime over the weekend (tomorrow or Sunday) I'll be showing a few more crafts, make sure to check back!

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