Black and Brown: You Can!

Happy Wednesday! Let me start off by saying that here in South Carolina today it was unusually warm, I think we reached about 80 degrees and it has been yucky all day! Lots of rain and wind came our way.

So, I like to describe myself as a fashionista and I strive everyday to NOT look like anyone else. I like to step out of the box and do my thing. Well, I will admit that I used to be, and still kind of am, a matchy matchy person. I wouldn't DARE bring black close to brown, but today I decided to do a little something different.

I wore a black dress that I got this summer that has a big collar and a flowey skirt, wore a skinny black belt, put on a cheetah cardigan and pulled the collar of the dress out over the cardigan and threw on my favorite brown boots, put a black flower in my hair, grabbed my umbrella and dashed off to class, and to my great surprise so many people really liked my outfit.

I hope that you are trying to spice up your wardrobe in different ways, whether its not being so matchy matchy, putting black and brown together, wearing a flower in your hair, or wearing an animal print.
Be different, be YOU! If you like it, that is all that matters!

If you do something near this style but you are in the appropriate weather for November, you can throw on some tights and add a jacket too! I have a leather jacket that is almost the exact color of my boots that I could have put on had it been colder today. Step outside of the box for your outfit tomorrow!

Please check back tomorrow because I got crafty today and did a DIY photo to canvas project and I'm going to show you how to do it tomorrow! Super easy, super cheap and fabulous Christmas gifts for everyone!


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