Sunday School or Bible Study

Happy Tuesday everyone!
In my Christian sorority here on campus, Chi Sigma, I am the chaplain and prepare devotions for each week. This particular week we took a week off from our devotion book and I did a devotion on trust. I wanted something hands-on and tangible for the girls to see so I bought a piece of poster board and drew a huge cross on it (actually Josh drew it for me, me and straight lines don't get along too well) and I wrote: I will trust in the Lord, across the top. I then had the girls write down on sticky notes what they need to trust God with more. I thought this was a good way to get them to thinking what they really needed to lay in God's hands and by putting them on the cross it symbolized that we were going to trust God in every aspect of our life and let Him handle it all. I told the girls as they were leaving, that they had laid their burdens and worries on the cross and it was now in God's hands.

This is a great idea for a Sunday school lesson or weekly Bible Study. I like visuals and hands-on type activities. Hope you find this useful.
Also, 2 Bible verses I used for the devotion were:
Proverbs 3:5 and Psalm 62:8.


Spray Painted Branches

So while I was home for Thanksgiving break we decorated our house for Christmas and as usual, my mom debated on how she was going to do the mantel.

I told her that I'd seen people picking branches from their yard and spray painting them to give them a Christmasy feel and I thought that they'd look pretty on our mantel. Well she took my advice but instead of picking branches out of our yard, she found bundles of branches at the Dollar Tree. So we bought 2 bundles, some glitter and white spray paint and went to work.

As soon as I spray painted the branches I coated them with glitter.
And here's how they turned out, I think it's really cute!
 This is a pic of my tree that I put up in our back den this weekend :) I love Christmas.


'Tis the Season

I'm home from school for Thanksgiving break and I couldn't be happier! Just the atmosphere of being home, surrounded by my family, and the holidays being here warms my soul so much. As soon as I got into town yesterday I drove straight to the Dollar Tree, picked up my supplies, came home and made my first Christmas wreath. I am ecstatic about how it turned out! I am IN LOVE! It's so simple to do and it legitmately looks like something bought at a craft fair. Try one out for yourself to decorate your home with this holiday season! I hope you like this craft as much as I do!

What do I need?:
9-10 tubes of ornaments (Dollar Tree has a great selection this year)
A wire hanger (I got mine from my granny but I'm sure you can buy them anywhere)
Hot Glue Gun
Some kind of decoration to go in the middle of your bow
Ribbon (Dollar Tree)

Alright, let's begin! This is super easy so there aren't many steps.

1. Take your wire hanger, undo the hanger part and scuplt it into it's in a circle

2. This step is optional, I did not do this BUT it would not hurt to do this. Before putting your ornaments on your wire hanger you can take the tops off of the ornaments and hot glue the ornament and top together to ensure they don't come apart. Like I said, I didn't do this, but this still will only help you.

3. Now you are going to start adding your ornaments, in whatever pattern you'd like. I bought different sized ornaments so I alternated color and size.
After I had added a good amount of ornaments on, I picked up my hanger and jiggled it ever so slightly, this makes the ornaments fall into place and look fuller.
Now, as you can see I didn't go all the way to the top of each side of my hanger. I left a little room so that I could attach my ribbon.
5. Almost done! Just time to add the bow. Here's how I did my bow, I took all of the ribbon off the spool. I then took one end and wrapped it around the hanger (horizontally, I just held it on one side of the hanger and wrapped it around the other) then I stapled it. After that I took the ribbon and made 4 one sided bows on the top, I gathered them in the middle and stapled them. Then I did the same thing on the bottom and finished! Then I took a snowflake ornament and stapled it in the middle of my bow.
Warning: you may become frustrated with the bow, I surely did. I undid it and re-did it about 5 times until I got it just how I liked it, just take your time and stay calm!

I made this one for my Granny, as you can see I stuck with the white/gold/silver color theme.
You can hang these anywhere! On the front door, over your mantel...anywhere you want! They turn out beautifully!

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving, tomorrow.
Enjoy time with family and count your blessings!


Thanksgiving Board

I had the idea to make this neat little board and I finally made it last night, just in time for Thanksgiving on Thursday. I wanted to have something that my whole family could write down what they were thankful for on and I thought this cork board would be a good idea. Make one for your family this Thanksgiving to be mindful of all that we are thankful for!

All you need is:
Cork board: Wal-Mart (pack of 4 $5.99)
Colored Leaf Dollies: Dollar Tree ($1.00)
Card Stock (or a poster): Hobby Lobby
Tacks, tape, scissors
Foam Turkeys- Pack of 6 at Micheals for $1.99

This is too easy and probably doesn't need much explanation 
so I will let the pictures do the talking :)

I know my paper is blue but I wanted to use card stock instead of computer paper so it would be sturdier when I cut the letters out and blue was the only color I had on hand, but after you color it you'll never know it was blue! I outlined the letters in a dark orange and colored the inside dark brown to have a contrast.

 Don't stick your tacks all the way through, just enough to hold the letters in place and use tape to put the leaves and turkey on and then after Thanksgiving take the decorations off and your cork board is still perfect, you can use it for another project!

Finished Product:

I'm going to pass it around at dinner on Thursday and get everyone to write on a leaf with a black sharpie what they are thankful for!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? 


A Few Fun Crafts

So this weekend was action packed. We had Induction for my sorority Friday night into Saturday morning then Saturday Josh and I went to the Carolina football game, hit up the way-too-packed mall, and went bowling with some great friends, all the while I'm running on 3 hours of sleep from the night before! Then today I went to church with my family.

Here are a few gifts I gave to my Littles for Induction, these things are incredibly easy to make and won't break the bank. So cute to do for birthday or Christmas gifts.
This little bag was SO easy to make and such a hit with the girls, everyone loved them! All I did was buy a vinyl bag (I got one of the sturdier ones so that it would really hold up) and then I found these Greek letters at Wal-Mart, they had almost every letter you can imagine and I super glued them to the front of the bag; it turned out so cute! Would be such a good idea to give for a birthday gift, put the initials of someone on the outside and fill it with goodies! (also great for sororities, obviously :) )

I made this cork board for each girl as well. You can buy small cork boards in packs at Wal-Mart for about 6 bucks, I painted their names on each one, put ribbon around it, cut a fake flower and stuck it in the side, so easy and so cute!

I also painted this canvas for each girl, each one got a different color. I put our signature Bible verse of our sorority on it and the big yellow flower at the bottom is a wooden cut out that I got from Hobby Lobby. I also got the flowered ribbon at Hobby Lobby. This is a great idea for a gift; paint a name, Bible verse, favorite saying etc. to give to a friend!

I hope this inspires you for the Christmas season, these kinds of things would be great for Secret Santas because usually you have a small budget and these projects are incredibly cheap and easy to do! I really enjoy hand-made gifts that seem to have a lot of thought behind them.

And here's a pic of Josh and I from the game Saturday, I really enjoy getting to go out and do fun things that him and I both enjoy, hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!




Again yesterday it was so yucky out, lots of rain and then it got incredibly cold yesterday afternoon. This weather is nuts!

Today I wanted to give you a new piece to add to your wardrobe, a fun skirt! Yesterday I wore a checked skirt with brown, black, tan, and a mustard yellow. I love this skirt so much, I just think it's so fun! Along with my skirt I wore a tan/cream cami that matched the tan in the skirt, a black cardigan and a long, clustered pearl necklace. To finish off my outfit I put on textured black tights and mustard yellow flats that matched the yellow in the skirt, I LOVE pops of colors with shoes!

This winter I challenge you to add a new skirt to your wardrobe. I encourage you to buy a fun pattern and step out of the box a little. As well as fun patterns in skirts it is a neccesity for all fashionistas to have the standard black, brown, gray, and whatever other color you deem necessary. I really like courdouroy for the winter too, gives it a warm feel!

So, time to go shopping! Who doesn't love the sound of that?! Find a skirt that you will love to wear! I also went out to do a little shopping today and at the check out, along with my recepit, they gave me a paper with a survey to take so that I could get 10% off my next purchase (this was at Old Navy). SO many stores do this and I'll bet many of us just throw them right in the trash. Well STOP! Take the very small amount of time to do the survey and get a discount next time you get in the store, it is definitely worth it! Save a few bucks chick :)
Sometime over the weekend (tomorrow or Sunday) I'll be showing a few more crafts, make sure to check back!


DIY Photo to Canvas

For Christmas this year I wanted to do photo canvases for a few of my family members...well, photo canvases done professionally are VERY expensive, and being on a college student budget I don't have $50+ to put out for one canvas. So I decided I would search for a way to make them. I am incredibly addicted to Pintrest and found a tutorial on how to make these canvases yourself! I made my first one yesterday and I AM IN LOVE! I want to make so many! And let me tell you, this was super easy, I promise, and did I mention cheap?! Anyone could take on this project and it'd come out perfect, so let me show you how.

First you need to gather your materials:
Mod Podge (matte)- Hobby Lobby $4.99
Paint Brushes (you can pick up a big pack for about $5 at any craft store)
Paint (small bottles for about $ .66 at any craft store)
Scrapbook paper (of your choice)- Hobby Lobby $ .44 
Canvas (whatever size your picture is, I used 8x10.)- 2 canvases for $3.99 @ Hobby Lobby
A towel & something to work on (I just used plastic bags)
Any size picture you would like (I had my picture printed at Walgreens, you can upload it online and pick it up in the store or take your camera card into the store and print it there) 8x10- $3.49
1. Paint a layer of mod podge on each side of your canvas and across the top of your canvas, Let dry.

2. While your canvas is drying (or you can do this before) cut strips of scrapbook paper the width and length of each side of the canvas. The strips DO NOT have to be as long or as wide as the sides of the canvas, just close. Your edges won't match up and you'll be able to see some exposed canvas, this is OK!

3. Put another layer of mod podge on the sides of your canvas and on the BACK of a strip of scrapbook paper then place onto the side of the canvas. Be sure to run your fingers over the paper to make sure it is smooth and has no bubbles. Continue this step for the remaining 3 sides.
4. After you have all of your scrapbook paper on the sides, lay your picture FACE DOWN and put a good amount of Mod Podge all over the back, covering the whole picture. After you have it covered, turn it over and place it evenly on your canvas, once you have it set down take your towel and run it over the top of the picture, this is an easy way to make sure you don't have jerky movements while trying to smooth your picture onto the canvas. Run the towel over the canvas a few times to make sure it is smooth.
5. So now you have your picture attached to the canvas. Next you are going to put a layer of Mod Podge ONTOP of the photo. Yes, ontop. This may be frightening at first but don't be alarmed, although the Mod Podge goes on milky white, it dries PERFECTLY CLEAR.
6. After you paint the whole top of the picture with Mod Podge you have the optional step of painting over your strips of scrapbook paper on the sides with Mod Podge as well. I did this step to ensure the paper was secure on the canvas. Again, it dries clear. Let dry for about 30 MINUTES or until you feel like it is completely dry.

7. After it is dry take a sponge (can be a paint sponge or regular one) and get your paint (I used black because it matched my picture, you can use any color you'd like). Put some paint on a paper plate and be sure NOT TO WET your sponge to ensure a vintage look on your canvas. Dab your sponge in your paint and then dab it again on the paper plate to get off the excess paint. Then you are going to sponge paint the sides of of the canvas. You do this to cover up the exposed canvas. I dabbed my sponge on all the edges and sides of my canvas to give it a kind of vintage feel and it also covered up the exposed canvas. Let this dry and then YOU ARE DONE!

8. Voila! Now time to show off and display!
In these 2 pictures you can see my paint along the edges and sides of the canvas and how it gives it the vintage feel and covers the canvas.

I hung it on my wall this just a tack but you can always use a nail or attach ribbon onto the canvas and hang it that way.

It is UNBELIEVABLE the finished project! The Mod Podge makes the photo look like it was printed directly onto the canvas! I could hardly believe my eyes, I love this project so much! I hope that you guys try it out, it's super easy. I will definitely be making many more of these for Christmas gifts!
Happy Crafting :)


Black and Brown: You Can!

Happy Wednesday! Let me start off by saying that here in South Carolina today it was unusually warm, I think we reached about 80 degrees and it has been yucky all day! Lots of rain and wind came our way.

So, I like to describe myself as a fashionista and I strive everyday to NOT look like anyone else. I like to step out of the box and do my thing. Well, I will admit that I used to be, and still kind of am, a matchy matchy person. I wouldn't DARE bring black close to brown, but today I decided to do a little something different.

I wore a black dress that I got this summer that has a big collar and a flowey skirt, wore a skinny black belt, put on a cheetah cardigan and pulled the collar of the dress out over the cardigan and threw on my favorite brown boots, put a black flower in my hair, grabbed my umbrella and dashed off to class, and to my great surprise so many people really liked my outfit.

I hope that you are trying to spice up your wardrobe in different ways, whether its not being so matchy matchy, putting black and brown together, wearing a flower in your hair, or wearing an animal print.
Be different, be YOU! If you like it, that is all that matters!

If you do something near this style but you are in the appropriate weather for November, you can throw on some tights and add a jacket too! I have a leather jacket that is almost the exact color of my boots that I could have put on had it been colder today. Step outside of the box for your outfit tomorrow!

Please check back tomorrow because I got crafty today and did a DIY photo to canvas project and I'm going to show you how to do it tomorrow! Super easy, super cheap and fabulous Christmas gifts for everyone!



First One!

Hi! This is my very first blog post, how exciting! I hope that this blog can be a place that you visit frequently to share fun tips, read some new tips and just have fun looking around and seeing what's here. I am going to try and post some of my different outfits on here, different hairstyles and accesories, etc...I hope that everyone enjoys and that lots of people visit :)
I'm in a Christian sorority on campus and this weekend was our an annual Trust Day gathering, here is a pic I snapped while we were at the park, fall is SO beautiful and God is so good to give us so many colors and changing seasons, what a blessing!